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Travel Insurance UAE, DUBAI, QATA, DOHA

Travel is fun. Travel insurance is not. But like most boring things, it’s important (you know, in the same way that boring food is really good for you). If you’re going away, you should consider buying yourself a holiday insurance policy when you book your trip so you’re covered if something goes wrong.

Wherever you’re going, whatever you’ll be doing there, and no matter what age you are, we’ve probably got a travel insurance policy that will cover you, your family and your valuables. Isn’t that nice?

We’ve got a range of different options, including travel insurance policies for one-off trips, annual multi-trip policies for if you go away a lot, as well as more specialist policies if you’ll be doing something a bit daring or out-of-the-ordinary. Some people just like to be different…

**We can cover your kids for free! **
If you’re going away with your children,
we can cover them on your policy at no extra charge, whether you buy an
annual policy or single trip cover.

* *We do pet insurance now too**
So if you’ve got a cat, dog or rabbit that needs insuring, get them covered today.

Why you might need travel insurance

No matter what you’ll be doing, travel insurance cover can help you if you get into a sticky situation. We can’t stop the bad things from happening (obviously) but we can minimise the cost if something does go wrong.

If something doesn’t go to plan, it can end up costing quite a bit. But if you get yourself some travel insurance before you go, you won’t have to worry.

We’ve got it covered

There are three levels of holiday cover for a single trip travel insurance policy. These are Budget, Silver and Gold. What they cover and the premiums you’ll pay for them vary according to the level, but some things are covered as standard across all three travel insurance policies. They’re the really important bits.


Cancelling and cutting short your holiday
Abandoning your trip
Delayed departure
Medical and other expenses
Hospital benefit
Personal accident, including loss of limbs or sight, permanently disabled and death benefit
Personal liability
Legal expenses
Accommodation cover
Scheduled airline failure
Child assist cover
Personal belongings and baggage
Personal money
Passport and travel documents
All of our travel insurance policies have been independently rated by Defaqto, so you can see how our holiday cover compares. That’s handy!

What’s optional?

What’s the point in having a policy that includes stuff you don’t need cover for? Or a policy that doesn’t include the holiday insurance cover you need? That’s why we offer a range of optional upgrades, like:

Winter sports
Hazardous activities
Valuables extension
Travel disruption
Extra hazardous activities (we already cover over 50 activities as standard)

Things you need to consider

The most important thing you need to think about is whether or not you’re getting the holiday cover you need. That’s why we ask you to read the terms and conditions before you buy your policy. We know you’d rather be doing absolutely anything else, but it really is important.

Although we offer travel insurance with medical conditions, there are some conditions we won’t be able to cover, and some for which you’ll need to purchase additional coverage to be insured.

You will not be covered for any claims resulting from:

Anyone receiving or waiting for medical tests or treatment for any medical condition or symptoms that have not yet been diagnosed
Anyone traveling against the advice of your doctor or medical practitioner, or traveling in order to receive medical treatment abroad
Anyone who has been told about a condition that will cause their death
You drinking too much alcohol, alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency
If you have a medical condition that doesn’t fall within the above categories, then we may be able to cover you. We just need to ask you a few questions first. Call us +9715-6328-4379 to see what type of cover we can offer you.